the otter blotter

Meet snow drop. What an adorable little otter. So innocent and cuuuuuuuute. Really it's just that simple.

I wonder who the lucky fucker is that gets to hold him. That's not a momma otter. That's not a poppa otter. Why can't I hold him. He's just a little guy.

Snowdrop likes the sauce. He hits it hard and his eyes get all screwed up like this. "Gimme that nipple" he says.

What can I say, seriously.

Now he's got drinkers remorse. He's all mad at the hooch. "You betrayed me -hicup- I loved you."

It's not my fault that this doesn't make any sense. I'm befuddled by his adorability.

And, as is customary, the big guns last (note the webbed feet).


I have to thank tangledsailor not only for one of these pictures but basicly for inspiring this whole justalittleguy thing. Plus, she and her ffriends are smokin'. Holla at me tangledsailor.


Phoenix? Chimera? Unicorn?

I don't know what the fuck this thing is. But lord knows I ain't complaining. He's smiling and rubbing his hands together in a chops-licking kind of way.

Also, I think he ganked those eyes off of some cartoon character and come to think of it, this is what it would look like if animation worked backwards and cartoons could be made real. Note to self: invent backwards animation.
What is he doing, lordy. Bronwen, perhaps you'd like to comment as to the nature of this....thing.


Sagacity City. HOOT!!!

Since time immemorial, wisdom has guided human kind through trials and tribulations. ..

Excuse me waiter, there appears to be something in my miso soup.

Oh my B. It's just a baby owl. Clearly this one has been "experimenting" in his youth and lacks the wide eyed iconography of his elders.

Remember those yellow eyed lemurs. Well they can eat a dick because this little feather ball is a gazillion times cuter.

He's all fat on the bottom and he's got some weird science equiptment around him because unlike his peers, he doesn't want to be a soothsayer when he grows up: he wants to study cold fussion.

Oh what's this? Hoooo is it? Peek-a-boo. It's a baby owl in a tree. He looks so curious. Intrigue. These little guys really marvel at the world around them. Except the stony one in the bowl.

What a lovely day for divebombing rodents, ya fat little feather ball.

Ewwwwww. This one is kind of shy and stoney as opposed to dopey eyes (see above). Why are they all so scruffy. Take a shower and for god's sake use some fucking conditioner.

Those feet look like they belong to a different animal and are completely ill-suited for supporting this lit-up Cadbury Creme Egg rolled in toasted coconut.

Bright-eyed bushy-everythinged. Again with the yellow eyes. Look at his little beak. Adorable.

Now, I don't mean to be cynical here but, that's a terrarium. It's cool, but it's a terrarium. Look how little his head is.

And finally we arrive at the rare but beautiful, baby urban owl. This is actually a Vice DO. I'm saying this based on the unnecessary flash. He is intently staring at this camera and probably wasn't too happy when his little nocturnal eyes were subjected to a 2000 watt bulb. Poor little guy.

But don't fret, he's a soldier. Reared on the hard streets of Daytona, or perhaps Framingham, MA or maybe even Sagacity City.



I have very little to say here. I'll let the itsy bitsy wittle bunny wabbit speak for himself.

Get the fuck out of town.
Thanks Bronwen


Wiretaps and Buckteeth

Inocently enough, I decided to find some pictures of baby beavers. Needless to say it didn't go as planned. I don't know if you've ever been on the internet before but it's full of porn! Not to mension the difficulty that was introduced when I found out that their young are called kittens.
Yeah, seriously.
So now my phone is tapped and I have a "file"which apparently is FBI code for "dude sitting in the window of the empty appartment across from mine." I'll be more careful next time.
That being said, bring on the young beavers!!!!!!!

First reaction: dense.
Dumb like a mouth-breathing, small eared bump in the road.

But apon closer instpection he seems to be manipulating a white tube and a towel quite nimbly. Clever girl.

Now, what's cute here?
a) That he's in the tub.
b) That he's standing up
c) The way he's holding out his hands in a Dr. Dre "bowdown" kinda way
d) Webbed feet.
e) Opprobrium:Castigation

The correct answer, oddly enough, is E. (I'm taking the GRE on thursday, that one was a little inside.) I'm a little disappointed with the lack of buck teeth.


how to clip your toenails

ummmm, how's that taste there little buddy? You don't really seem to care. Ok, fine.

Is this cute or gross?

If you block the foot out, it's cute. If you block the face, gross. What to do? What to do? Block the foot out and have yourself a little cute party. no problem dumbass!

cub scouts

Uh oh!
I don't know how you got up there and I certainly don't know how you're going to get down. It's like you all think that the other two are going to save you. They're not.

They remind me of velcro balls that you throw at a velcro dart board. But, obviously, way cuter. The poor little dude at the top looks like he's totally freaking out. Here's some honey guys.


Oy vey is Meerkat

Meerkats can stand up. Lets just get that out there so that there's no confusion later.

Baby Meerkats can stand up too. Granted, not quite as vertically as the adults and sometimes they kind of look like hunched over Igor-esque mad-scientist type crazies. But most certainly cute.

They can also Sit.

Whatever this guy is doing with his hands it totally skeeving me out. And I'm not totally sure I like the way that he's looking at me.

This on the other-hand I can deal with:

Look at those little ones. They stand up real good.

OH SHIT! A little pile of babies, all bald as hell and clustered around their parents feet.


Whatcha lookin' at there fella? Are you looking at your momma? Or the sky? What is it?

Oh, its god telling you how cute you are. I can't say that I agree with your religious stance but I also can't say that god is wrong here.

Put it away, put it away. Oh.

He likes cameras apparently.

And as ussual, I've saved the big guns for last. Blllluck.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Get 'em! This is it, ladies and gentlemen, The Bout in the Drought. Scratch, claw, bite, show me what you're made of.
So fucking cute.
I bet they're fighting over who gets the last cupcake. hehe.
Thanks J-Lew.

Owen and Mzee

So, you remember the hippo and the tortoise from the Africa post. Well, it turns out they are the cutest inter-special animal pairing of all time. First, Owen (the hippo) was orphaned in the tsunami. Then he took a liking to Mzee at the animal refuge. You can read more at npr or check out some more of the cuteness. Thanks Trudy .



Nothin funny about this guy. But keep laughin'. Because it's a baby hyena!!

Who knew that these jeering, cackling, scavneging terrors of the plains could be so damn adorable. He kinda grining and he ahs this really sympathetic look in his eye. His back legs are really short too. Just looks so soft, but kinda dumb too.


Ummmmmmm, guys, this gorrilla has a rock and a nut and another rock. And, um, well, I don't really know how to say this but, um, he kinda put the nut on the big rock on the ground and he's got the other one in his hand and, ahh, ya see, he's gunna use the one in his hand to crack the nut.
Yeah I know! Should we be concerned about this? As a species. I never saw the old "Planet of the Apes" but the Tim Burton one with Marky Mark really shook me up.
And get this! That gorilla is a baby. AND he's not eating the nut, he's extracting oil from it. I believe it's for his brazil nut and bosc pear flan. mmmmm.

Anyway, here's the article if you want to read ya nerd.
Thanks Louis


FUCK ME!!! I left out the most important lemur of them all. The blue eyed albino baby lemur. I shit you not! It's hard to tell here but the little shit is perched on his mama's tummy. I'm pretty sure this little fella is sponsored by the devil or Dow-Chem or Haliburton or something but gimme a break.

Observe, if you will, the arc of the skull and its possitioning aginast the aural flare. Magnificent. The white fur, pink ears, blue eyes and black nose. Like a clown in a nursery. So hypnotizing, so enchanting. I think he might know something about that vixen.

"Look, lemur. Maggie, say leeeee-mur."

Now, as some of you may know, I'm not so good with colors so I going to go ahead say that this guy has red eyes. creeeeeeeeppppyy. But really cute.

Now, I'm also not very good at telling real animals from those that were drawn by 12 year olds with over-active imaginations (remember this guy.)

pssst.....he's not wearing any pants.

Apparently, lemurs like their moms. Especially the baby ones. Like this guy. Just before this was taken, he was wearing a shirt that says "one tequilla, two tequilla, three tequilla, floor." But the really funny thing about it was that it got fuzzier and fuzzier as it went down so it was like you were getting drunker as you read it and ....... ow!

he has a bed wetting problem.


Yellow eyes. Fuckin Freak show. Put that thing in a cage with a clove of garlic and a crucifix.

Hold up a sec. This one is just straight up cute. Not really in a freakish skinny golem, ted koppel kind of way, but just cute. Werd.

Look! It's the fantanas. The one in the back (grape) is freaking my shit out:

Shit, sorry, my bad. These are the fantanas.

Ahhhh Africa! Let's safari.

Here we have a baby rhino in the road. You know that they're even faster when there're little. This little guy was haulin ass down route 134 (as seen here) at about 120 kpm. Sonomabitch.

Lie: Rhino's are fast. Total urban (rural?) legend. From experience I can tell you that even a really really angry rhino is no faster than me.

There's something theoretically cute about a baby rhino. There's something actually cute about a baby cougar. Get outta town.

He's all: "Whooooaaaaa, easy on the wattage there edison."

I'm all:"yeah."

Finally, here we are at what I always considered to be an animal with one too many things sticking out of the top of it's head. What'cha suckin on there pal? Rhubarb? Celerey? Is that a leek? Oh it's probably just a branch of a tree that I've never heard of.

Chomp chomp. Eat up. I'm not going to mention how tall you are or will be one day.

Coexistance: Webster's defines it as "when people, animals or things are at or in the same place, places, location, locations, area(s), region(s), vacinities or nearness of oneanother without belligerent action, malevolent recourse, hatred, bullying, animosity, agrivation or aggitation.

This is how I define it:

Truth be told, both of those definitions were mine.

Ahh motherhood:

Is that thing stuffed? What the fuck? I don't have a lot of faith that it's going to float. Check out the expression on the big one's face.

She's all: "C'mon you fat little fuck. SWIM!"

and he's all: "Grrllrrggphphgrrllll"

This one's for the Gayness.


Hot young vixen action. That's what I'm talking about.

I think that this is a set but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief.

And then there's these ladies. Check out the blue eyes. Enchanting.

This is actually a megatouch photo-hunt babes game. Always check the brastraps.


I was getting a little worried that this was going to turn into a real blog but FEAR NOT. Check out what I got. BTW does anyone know my storage limit on blogspot because I'm going to be putting it to the test. Let's start with this guy:

What's that little fella? You want some more ice cream. Sure, have as much as you want. (This is a red panda if you're a zoologist or a fucking nerd.)

And his little friend, lampin' in a tree:

I think these guys might be vicious killers but I might be thinking of velociraptors.

A young mother with her cub. You thought there weren't gunna be any little guys didn't you:

Shit, when the babies are having babies.....

Stalking his prey:

Short legs, no?

This one just ate a baby regular panda:

Naw I'm fucking with you. He's just taking a nap in a tree and there ain't nothing wrong with that:

O my fucking god:

That's right.

Now I'm gunna break out the big guns:

Blllluck blluck.

And sorry I said that thing before, I still love ya:

Hehehe. Check out this bear.

Via MeFi.

The bbc is reporting that Reggie, a baby hamadryas baboon has had his head licked free of hair by his mother. Cute. They want to rename him golem, but i think he looks more like Ted Koppel. Thanks Mike.


G'day mates. Time for a little trip downunda.
We can find animals that have been viciously maligned by the "good" people at WarnerBrothers. Like the Tasmanian Devil (try to avoid the facial tumor disease section if you have a weak stomach.) See:

Sleeping in the sun. Wow.

Or we could check out his closest relative, the quoll. This one happens to be a spotted tail quoll. Or something. Seriously, who cares, check him out.


Nextly, we'll move on to the tree kangaroo. You heard me! And it's a baby one to boot.

I think he's in his mom's pouch and he wants out. Go get 'em little guy. The world is your's Tony Yayo! I think that there's a biscuit out there somewhere with your name on it. GO!!!!!

This is another quoll. Or maybe something else, like another baby kangaroo. I forget. Fuck it he's cute as ballls.

Told you.

And now, despite what you thought when you ran over an oppossum, we have the Austrailian possum in, get this, baby version

Oh, I forgot, there's two of them. Even sweeter.

TIP OF THE DAY: this is a new feature I'm introducing. Go buy a bag of tiny snack size charleston chews and put them in your freezer. You'll thank me later.

Sending things to earth.........