Ok, so what happens when you mix a deer and a chick and make it into a baby? Good question. I can't answer you. But I an comment on the innanity of you line of reasoning you cock faced luck sipper. Frischlings. They're the wave of the motherfucking future and if you don't recognize, brace yourself for dyin' times biatch.Ok so momma fucking pork, is all: mooooove or go. And the little babies look like raindeer even though there's some dead squirrel in there and they are just tiny new fucking jersey deer. I hate new jersey so much. or as yv says:

but wait...is that a dead squirrel on the ground???!!!

That's a dirrect quote. You can't make shit like this up.

These frischlings are the new avante garde. Go get em piggles.

I love you



It turns out that ducklings bounce afterall. My landlady's gunna be psyched that I'm not longer littering the yard with them.


Harbor barbar

I've been a bad wittle seal. Oh yeah. I should by no means be doing this blogging. Guilty busy. So, ..... sad, guilty .....pathetic .....eys. big, so big.

Premie Seal. Survivor. Go champ go. Fuck this world up. You're on this like white on seal. Jeezy christ. He's gunna open up his mouth like, "maaaaiaaiaaaa" and I'm gunn agrab him and lay down on my back and put him on my chest and yell back at him like. Yaaaaayaaayaaaaaa. And we'll like eachother's faces until the sun comes up - no homo.

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Thanks d-d-d.d-d-d.d-moore