pango a go-go

We've seen pangolins before, but i think this fella wins the big-balls-on-a-little-dude award.
He seems so complacent. Like he's waiting for a snack or a nap or something. "Go ahead, yank the tail. I'm good here." I bet if textured glove man were to release the tail it'd flip back up and whack pango in the puss. (puss here meaning face, if you didn't get that). So, glovey, slowly re roll the tail so as to avoid injury and give the guy his fucking snack before he looses his patients and shoves that tail up your ass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fucking love pangolins. Like pine cones got trapped in the wrong Kingdom. Just read a Ranger Rick article on them (went to public school). Learned that they're fucking mammals! Mammals!

10:03 PM

Blogger L said...

And notice how his right "arm" seems to be delicately pointing to said balls as though he's telling us to take a look. I think I love him. I want to give him a manicure.

10:05 PM

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