O Lord

What in god's name have you done here, man-upstairs? You fucked up bad this time. Real bad.

Anybody know what this thing is? Camel, llama, dramadary, drama queen? Whatever it is it's creepy. No wait, not creepy, scarey. Or more like, dreadful. Perhaps awe inspiring, yeah, that's it, awe inspiring. For starters, ....ughhh, I was going to start with the droopy ass humps, (dumpy monkey humps, check em out), but then I got distracted by the abnormally short legs and the jowelous neck mane. We've got this kinda floppy crusty dread thing going on and coupled with the aristocratic chin posture, we've got some serious colonial issues to deal with.
You think I'm done. You think I missed it, don't you? Well I didn't. This whole thing is prompted by the giant sex face lick coming in from the left side there. Whoa, get a room.



Blogger image_shifter said...

Looks like someone slit open that front hump and took all the humptiness out of it. For shame! To steal another's humptiness is truely unspeakable. Poor lil guy! In order to regain his self confidence, I prescribe a Humpty nose and endless renditions of the Digital Underground's 1990 dance routine.

8:15 PM

Blogger ArchAngel said...

its a bactrian camel

6:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bactrian Camel :) live in asia, two lumps instead of one like the arabic camels

11:53 PM


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