The dirty dirty night

Alright Nikita, you beautiful goth skank you, here are you freaking baby bats. I don't even know if you're still around. You may have run off with Igor who i know is faking that stupid fucking romanian accent or whatever it is. But if you still care, here's the little blud-sukkers.

I swear to god that i didn't photoshop the blood into the syringe. It was like that. I could have, if i wanted to, but i didn't. You gotta believe me.
He wishes he had hands so bad or at least paws.
"Wings? WINGS? what the fuck is this wings bullshit man. no hands, no fingers no toes or digits or anything. What am i going to do with these? huh? FLY? do i look like i can fly? I'm a fucking baby you douche."

Speaking of baby's.... This really makes me think about scale. Not only is the baby right side up and super duper cuter. But his mom is upside down and quite easily just as cute. MILK : Mom I'd Like to Kuddle. It's like some kind of American Tale style universal motherhood of even the most vicious animals. Her wings even look like a nice shawl and not a leathery shroud. Nice work.
And the baby. Right-side-up in some kind of double reversal of uprightness. Unbelievable. And if I had one more thing to say it would be to loose the crappy Sears portrait background and just go with a starry sky or perhaps the movie poster for The Lost Boys.

Oh yeah! Check the flail. Where did homeslice with the TeQ watch get that blue hankey to money-grip this poor bastard with. How odd. I don't think i've ever seen tissues that color before. I prefer white tissues personally. Snot isn't something that i want to dress up in pretty colors, nor are adorably diseased baby animals for that matter.

It's like the skin on his chest is being stretched tight and he can breathe but it's making his stomach all upset. I'm pretty sure this was taken in the self-reflective instant just before he ralfs all over his own crotch. Clean that shit up with a blue tissue.


Anonymous nikita said...

Igor means nothing to me.

It's always been you.

Well, the sloths, then you.

9:44 AM

Anonymous nikita said...

OK, the sloths, then the bats, and then you.

11:57 AM

Blogger twostep said...

Man, you crack me up!

6:10 PM

Anonymous mini said...

i love your pics dude, they're amazing

1:00 PM


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