nom de fbf

Hey kiddos,,
I knowI've been lazy and crazy and sleazy and leacherous. But here's some FBF for your mind one time for your mind.

Lots of big eyes coming in this week.

Valerie, the everloving valerie, gives us this bush baby.Puppy dog eyes with out all the puppy dog. Fucking sweet. Its like a fraken-little dude. He's kinda got a skunk stripe runnin down the back there. Ohhh, where's this going. Some kind of genetically engineered super dude.

Ahhhh tarsier, also from the val. She points out the preponderence of digits and rightly so may I add.First off what did I say about the eyes. Fucking uge. Second of all, what's up with those fucking eyes. I have trouble identifying colors and that one right there is completely uncategorizible as far as I'm concerned. Fuck it, I say brown.

Weeeeee little thing with big ass eyes. From Image_Shifter. Let's see, assume that this is an enormouse person with disproportionately large hands on which he has fingers that are abnormily enormous.
Even so, this thing would be about the size of a snow pea. I will now veer sharply from the culinary path and proceded directly to wondering if it can fly. It's a baby possum btw. They rule. If it could talk, it would say: "Good sir, I duely protest to this line of reasoning." and then it would bop you on the head with a can, the handle of which was an elephant head carved from sustainably harvested ivory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

praise the lord.

12:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god, tarsier. way to white-knuckle that branch, cowboy. that's a nice grip, and i should know. wait, i mean, your mom should know.


7:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my cans don't have handles. am I wrong?

11:36 AM

Anonymous beautiful ass picture said...

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7:53 AM


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