Who wants to play a quick game of scenario!
Look how sad he looks. This is clearly a case of pent up shit-kicking peubescent angst. Dimensia-precocks if you will. O i will.

The game goes like this: We think of scenarios to match the picture. Duh?!!

I'll start. Tortured by his horrendous foreskin-like skin problems, this baby aardvard has taken to bashing his head against the side of this dirt bin. This releases a chemical in his brain that is like having sex. Or eating chocolate if you're into that sort of thing but i've always believed it to be a cheap substitute. Anyway, the unintended side effect here is gigantism of the hands or front paws or claws or whatever you call em.
Gak. So much for that hot date tonight. Now you're all nutted out and big handed. That's not gunna get you anywhere and your skin still looks like scrote. Bummer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Max Rebo...

8:53 AM

Anonymous ag said...

ooooohhhh, i lurve him. He is banging his head because he knows only I could truly love him and we will never meet.

11:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Cerebus the Aardvark, and he is soooo totally pissed off that Dave Sim went insane!

11:13 AM

Blogger image_shifter said...

That's a hairless baby kangeroo (joey) named Quentin. He's knows he's not so cute, but does not despair. No, Quentin has a trick or two up his leathery sleeve. You cannot imagine the amount of pity-fucking this little wrinkly one receives... he's just like that character in that Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel who's always pretending to be a virgin and is secretly sleeping with every woman in town. Also he has a dirt fetish, and has built himself a little "playground" in his basement to appease his hunger for frottage and wallowing as evidenced in the image above. See the legs in the background? Latest house-wife acquisition. I say, rub on, lil guy! I respect your go-getter attitude and your absolute refusal to let a few saggy patches of skin let you down!

4:33 AM

Blogger sarah said...

the poor little buddy is going through an awkward stage (like you in junior high——don't look at your screen like that——you were awkward in junior high), and he had thought that awww was gone forever.

unlike the rest of us, he was relieved! maybe the fact that he had gotten himself into some trouble with a webcam wouldn't end up being a problem for him after all! if awww retired, it didn't matter that he had all manner of pictures of little buddy in various poses.

but then, the unthinkable happened. awww re-emerged, and little buddy knew that, sooner or later, he would end up on the internets.

this is a rare shot of him, mere moments after learning that awww was back.

4:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at that eye...

11:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:00 PM


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