Ill Packa

It's shearing season, somewhere, and I'm honoring it with a tribute to the porn-stars of the animal kingdom, the alpacae.

Just like human porn stars, alpacae take great and attentive care of their young. Especially when they're shaved. A young shaved porn star is a young shaved porn star be they human or not. I think that the little one is sleeping on a rug of his own fur. How terribly ironic that would be if the alpaca fur weavers made rugs for the alpacae to lie about on out of their own hair. I'm freaking out.

You got a pretty mouth on you there mister. Oh yeah. He's kinda got an asymmetrical haircut going on. Not to mention an asymmetrical face. Maybe the haircut's straight and it's just an optical illusion.
Now I'm a sucker for dumb looking animals and there've been one or two on JALG in the past. But wow, this guy is really something. If you've ever seen If They Mated on Conan, you'll know that this is Keith Richards and Fabio. (That, by the way was the single most difficult mental exercise in the history of JALG).

Holy Fuck!
Imagine what a cat would do to this thing. It looks like a finger puppet or a senile giraffe-ware wolf creature. I'm going to go shave.

All courtesy of alpacaMine. I'm not sure if that's "mine" like "not yours. Or if it's "mine" like a place where you dig in the ground and find alpacae to sell. Hmmm.


Blogger image_shifter said...

Wow that last lil guy looks like he could have been the original inspiration for the invention of the q-tip. I'm glad you're back on a regular basis, Awww, I knew the pressure of living in new jersey would get to you, and I was hoping that JALG would be the natural outlet. Totally dead on about K. Richards and Fabio, btw.

3:31 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

i think that middle picture is the llama version of llyle llovett.

4:23 PM


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