You know what? Well, do ya? Well, I'll tell ya. Things are just all right. Yeah. Juuuust fine. The BBC successfully faked me out for almost a decade with intelegent sounding british accents. Wankers! Their news reporting falls somewhere between my high school news paper and the scribblings of a deranged Welsh sheep sheeper. Blaaahhhhg.

But regardless of Claire Bolderson's total ineptitude, our good friends across the pond have provided me with the following greatness today.


Seriously, the monkey is all older sister to the tiger's little brother and she's reading him the book about owen and meze. Yay

And after a long reading sesh, everybody craps out on the floor watching teletubbies or somesuch.
I like the one on the bottom best. She's freaking out. Bad dream? "get off me"? who knows.


pango a go-go

We've seen pangolins before, but i think this fella wins the big-balls-on-a-little-dude award.
He seems so complacent. Like he's waiting for a snack or a nap or something. "Go ahead, yank the tail. I'm good here." I bet if textured glove man were to release the tail it'd flip back up and whack pango in the puss. (puss here meaning face, if you didn't get that). So, glovey, slowly re roll the tail so as to avoid injury and give the guy his fucking snack before he looses his patients and shoves that tail up your ass.


SIAB the movie

Fuck me, this is good. Real good.

Some fucking genius put a movie camera on this thing and it is unstoppable. The dude starts the movie by saying "somebody's awake" and 1:16 later somebody's asleep again, what a life! Said second sleep is preceded by a yawn that literally crack my computer screen (I headbutted it).


you remind me of me

This brings such a smile to my face. You should see me right now, I'm beaming. He is so excited to get into that beer but the poor lil guy can tget the angle without going headlong into the glass which would inevitably end in catastrophe. PLUS, he has little white feet and his nose is sooooo scrunched up and he kinda has bat ears and squinty little eyes. Not to mention the wrinkley neck and pelvic lump. And he's gunna tip the glass over, don't do it little guy. Cmon, i'll get you a straw.