Back Log

OK, ok ok, jeezuz fucking christ. I so sorry that it's been so long and i still like the little guys i weely weely do. So, as outsourced to the fanbase , I give you some pictures of cute animals and crap.

Call me a scab but this jerboa is pretty f'in cute. A couple of things before i move on. First off, the nose is, dare i say, a truncated trunk. I call this dude l'il sniffer. Also, we see big ol giant ears which are tubular in nature and prompted my local argentine to call homeslice "a liddle gremline" HA! Don't cry for ME jerboa.
Alright, its good to be back. Easy there little fella, that finger that you're sucklin' seems to be attached to a committed member of the fairer species.
I'd love to front on the diaper but who am i kidding, I've had a pampers party or two in my day. Case of MGD, a bottle of robo, and the "murder she wrote" marathon on the boob tube. Lifetime motherfucker!
Dis Dude, is part of a series which i think should have been shot by Jill Greenberg. But that's just me and I'm jsut one man.
I mean come on. Im thinking, I'll take up skateboarding just to break some shit so that I can pick up chicks with the cast. Serious. This is irresistible, like chocolate icecream and pecan pie. Like midnight rendez vous's with strangers. (I know I fucked that spelling up but how am I supposed to pluralize some french that I don't even know how to singularize.)
ga. tanksLewis.