Now, as you all probably know, I'm not one to freak out over bonkers shit on the internet. But, check out Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse.

Full grown motherfucker.

Check the goofy look on her face and it's all so human. She's sitting in that way that when a dog sits like that people say "look, he thinks he's a person" And that's a dog. I don't even know whay you say when a horse sits like this. Horses don't sit period, what's going on. They sleep standing up
But she just looks so sad and lonely. "I'm the smallest horse in the whoooooooole world. I don't have any friends at all." Then she makes friends with the biggest rat in the world and it eats her. Ew, sorry.

Peep her website

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O Lord

What in god's name have you done here, man-upstairs? You fucked up bad this time. Real bad.

Anybody know what this thing is? Camel, llama, dramadary, drama queen? Whatever it is it's creepy. No wait, not creepy, scarey. Or more like, dreadful. Perhaps awe inspiring, yeah, that's it, awe inspiring. For starters, ....ughhh, I was going to start with the droopy ass humps, (dumpy monkey humps, check em out), but then I got distracted by the abnormally short legs and the jowelous neck mane. We've got this kinda floppy crusty dread thing going on and coupled with the aristocratic chin posture, we've got some serious colonial issues to deal with.
You think I'm done. You think I missed it, don't you? Well I didn't. This whole thing is prompted by the giant sex face lick coming in from the left side there. Whoa, get a room.



Pancakes or waffles 12: We Heart Foley

In the spirit of lacking the will and common sense to curb our every impulse, I dedicate this post to Rep. Mark Foley (R. FL). If you wanna touch a tween, go bonkers dude.

Moving on, We have a winner! No surprises, it's pancakes. Those ginets really tore the juglars out of the meerkats. Final tally: 27-6. Ouch.

Well g-g-g-genet, you got your work cut out for you because I have here a fake, taxidermied, plastic, rendered, imaginary tapir.

Of course, in midflight. His hind legs are so powerful that he can launch himself 1,000 feet into the air and his wings are so enormous that he lands as softly as a cotton ball on a pillow. Poof. -1 point for expressionless face. +10 for hillarious pose.

And the returning chmap. You got your work cut out for you this week g-g-g-genet. Sure you're showing early signs of disembowling ferocity. And yeah, I can see those big ears and funny little eyes. But where are you huh? In the wild? I think not. The wild isn't painted that weird purplish color and it certainly doesn't have clean sheets for you to shit all over.
But who am I kidding, you can claw my face off any day. I wuv you.

vote like your pathetic good-for-shit life is depending on it you fuck!