African Wild Dogs

Yeah I know, I've been 'away'. But it wasn't all that bad. Get over it. In a sudden and unexpected spate of unemployment, I've picking up the old jalg reigns again. Mush bitches!

Mary sends us this adowabul shot of some african wild dogs. Cleverly slipping some canines in under the no-domesticate-animals radar. (chipwich, i see you, nuh).

Kinda a disgruntled teddy bear face smashing up cute and pissed. But who can resist those patchy little white underbellies. Also round little ears are pretty bearish. Not bearish like a down-market but bearish like a hairy dude in leather. You smell me.
Keep your little ears perked up, there's tigers in dis here steppe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daddy you came home!

I promise I haven't been checking this daily hoping for a new posting. Monthly, maybe. Glad you are alive out there.

I'm going to Africa in January and I am totally going to smuggle one of these puppies home. By then I'll be out of fricking Boston and can focus on raising wild animals for the circus I think I will start so that I don't have to return to academic publishing.

Hope you've been well. Can't wait to see more from you.


11:34 PM

Anonymous sterna said...

Stripey legs. Uh-huh. Very stylish.

Welcome back, man.

10:21 PM

Blogger sarah said...

yes! i love it when you come back! and this time it will be for good right? you've changed, right? baby, don't look away like that...baby?

2:07 AM

Anonymous Flora said...

Welcome back!

Gotta love those little mini-Mickey mouse ears on these guys. Kinda un-doglike, if you ask me....

10:56 PM

Blogger Dwarf Girls said...

omgoodness these doigs r soooo cute! luv ya!

- someone u know!!!

8:10 PM

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