going down in a hail of cuteness

Ok, ok, ok, I give up, I can't fucking take it anymore. What do you want me to do? I'm sorry! I'm sitting here diligently masturbating for about 18 hours a day and all of a sudden like some kind of synchronized firing squad of adorable-mongers, like a million balls of cuteness hitting me in the face for hours and hours on end.

Sea Otters. Tiny little snuggly wuggly piles of heaped up squishy little fuzzy fleshy sleepy ....bllllarrrrgghhhh.

I can deal with this I swear.
Ok, let's start with the one on the bottom left. It's like they were playing and they just fucking passed out mid tumble. Did they go out at the same time or maybe the one on top crapped out pinning the other unsuspectingly underneath him. And then the bottom one succumbed to the heft of his bro.
What about the ones on the bottom right. They were put there for some kind of still life, perfectly aligned for perspectival view. And let's of course not forget about the heaping mounds of sea otter ice cream on the top. pour some chocolate sauce on those guys and let's eat.

Get your crazy money grips off my bear and stop trying to give me that baddass look. You're not tough, that bear is tough. "Should be the strongest bear in the world" at least according to the website where from i got the picture.

Thanks Misha and Stephanie