Beer Commercials that DIDN'T Make Me Cry

I think this counts. Fuck it, this counts:

Thanks TV in Japan


pidgin monkey pigeon

I never thought that I'd put a pigeon up on JALG because, while not domesticated, they are diseased vermin. Filthy disgusting festering airborne shit-wads. Urban turd bombardiers.

But I pulled this one twice today from Louis and Finn. Heartbreaking story aside, this picture is just too fucking cute:

You can read the story. Or just go back and look at Owen and Mzee or the tiger and monkey thing.

According to the article there's "a baby dear [sic] named Mi-Lu" that befriended a lurcher in '05 (what the fuck is a lurcher?). Cookies to whoever finds pics of them.


Superman that Ho

I've been told that these baby platypuses were rescued from a mine in Victoria a few months ago but that's impossible because they're doing the Soulja Boy which isn't that old. Nice try Marcus, but I'm not sucker.

But they're are pretty seriously cute. Seriously. Look at that flesh flap above their little beaks. These things are fucking bananas, right? I'm kinda wigging out trying to imagine what they feel like. Squishy, fuzzy, stubbly. I bet the skin rolls between your fingers like a bulldog's or a nutsac.

The little webbed toes are the piece de resistance though. And there's like a million of them floating all around the picture with tiny, surely leathal, little needles on the ends. And do beaks always have nostrils? These are the important questions.


African Wild Dogs

Yeah I know, I've been 'away'. But it wasn't all that bad. Get over it. In a sudden and unexpected spate of unemployment, I've picking up the old jalg reigns again. Mush bitches!

Mary sends us this adowabul shot of some african wild dogs. Cleverly slipping some canines in under the no-domesticate-animals radar. (chipwich, i see you, nuh).

Kinda a disgruntled teddy bear face smashing up cute and pissed. But who can resist those patchy little white underbellies. Also round little ears are pretty bearish. Not bearish like a down-market but bearish like a hairy dude in leather. You smell me.
Keep your little ears perked up, there's tigers in dis here steppe.