the otter blotter

Meet snow drop. What an adorable little otter. So innocent and cuuuuuuuute. Really it's just that simple.

I wonder who the lucky fucker is that gets to hold him. That's not a momma otter. That's not a poppa otter. Why can't I hold him. He's just a little guy.

Snowdrop likes the sauce. He hits it hard and his eyes get all screwed up like this. "Gimme that nipple" he says.

What can I say, seriously.

Now he's got drinkers remorse. He's all mad at the hooch. "You betrayed me -hicup- I loved you."

It's not my fault that this doesn't make any sense. I'm befuddled by his adorability.

And, as is customary, the big guns last (note the webbed feet).


I have to thank tangledsailor not only for one of these pictures but basicly for inspiring this whole justalittleguy thing. Plus, she and her ffriends are smokin'. Holla at me tangledsailor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »

4:59 AM

Blogger sharpatootha said...

Aww I love this little guy. He's known as 'Munga' to me and my friends as he looks as though he'd simply go munga munga munga all day long.

9:51 PM

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