Wiretaps and Buckteeth

Inocently enough, I decided to find some pictures of baby beavers. Needless to say it didn't go as planned. I don't know if you've ever been on the internet before but it's full of porn! Not to mension the difficulty that was introduced when I found out that their young are called kittens.
Yeah, seriously.
So now my phone is tapped and I have a "file"which apparently is FBI code for "dude sitting in the window of the empty appartment across from mine." I'll be more careful next time.
That being said, bring on the young beavers!!!!!!!

First reaction: dense.
Dumb like a mouth-breathing, small eared bump in the road.

But apon closer instpection he seems to be manipulating a white tube and a towel quite nimbly. Clever girl.

Now, what's cute here?
a) That he's in the tub.
b) That he's standing up
c) The way he's holding out his hands in a Dr. Dre "bowdown" kinda way
d) Webbed feet.
e) Opprobrium:Castigation

The correct answer, oddly enough, is E. (I'm taking the GRE on thursday, that one was a little inside.) I'm a little disappointed with the lack of buck teeth.


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