"Look, lemur. Maggie, say leeeee-mur."

Now, as some of you may know, I'm not so good with colors so I going to go ahead say that this guy has red eyes. creeeeeeeeppppyy. But really cute.

Now, I'm also not very good at telling real animals from those that were drawn by 12 year olds with over-active imaginations (remember this guy.)

pssst.....he's not wearing any pants.

Apparently, lemurs like their moms. Especially the baby ones. Like this guy. Just before this was taken, he was wearing a shirt that says "one tequilla, two tequilla, three tequilla, floor." But the really funny thing about it was that it got fuzzier and fuzzier as it went down so it was like you were getting drunker as you read it and ....... ow!

he has a bed wetting problem.


Yellow eyes. Fuckin Freak show. Put that thing in a cage with a clove of garlic and a crucifix.

Hold up a sec. This one is just straight up cute. Not really in a freakish skinny golem, ted koppel kind of way, but just cute. Werd.

Look! It's the fantanas. The one in the back (grape) is freaking my shit out:

Shit, sorry, my bad. These are the fantanas.


Blogger annaham said...

You know, I used to be completely obsessed with lemurs when I was in the fifth grade, and this post brings back SO MANY MEMORIES.

Especially the Aye-Aye (Freak Show). Oh, the creepiness is the best part.

1:20 AM


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