G'day mates. Time for a little trip downunda.
We can find animals that have been viciously maligned by the "good" people at WarnerBrothers. Like the Tasmanian Devil (try to avoid the facial tumor disease section if you have a weak stomach.) See:

Sleeping in the sun. Wow.

Or we could check out his closest relative, the quoll. This one happens to be a spotted tail quoll. Or something. Seriously, who cares, check him out.


Nextly, we'll move on to the tree kangaroo. You heard me! And it's a baby one to boot.

I think he's in his mom's pouch and he wants out. Go get 'em little guy. The world is your's Tony Yayo! I think that there's a biscuit out there somewhere with your name on it. GO!!!!!

This is another quoll. Or maybe something else, like another baby kangaroo. I forget. Fuck it he's cute as ballls.

Told you.

And now, despite what you thought when you ran over an oppossum, we have the Austrailian possum in, get this, baby version

Oh, I forgot, there's two of them. Even sweeter.

TIP OF THE DAY: this is a new feature I'm introducing. Go buy a bag of tiny snack size charleston chews and put them in your freezer. You'll thank me later.

Sending things to earth.........


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