Ok this is total bullshit, where are all the baby pandas at? Seriously. Oh wait a sec, here they come, hold, hold, wait for it.

First off we have this little fella who looks like he just house a can of bad sardines. It'll be ok little guy, boot and rally.

Next on the list. He's like one of those 12 year old kids who always holds his moms hand and cries when he looses her in the mall. Grow up. Awww you're too cute, I love ya.

No fucking way, watch out you're gunna tip over little guy. you're kinda keelin' off to your left there a lttle and that look in your eyes doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in your equilibrium. I'll catch ya.

So cute.


Blogger David said...

All you fake bloggers, step off permanently... JustALittleGuy is the hardest times 50. You all are straight poseurs... This is one of the greatest blog posts I've ever read.

4:20 PM

Blogger trudatnyc said...

hey is this the panda that they named "TAI SHAN"? i wonder if he'll have a little sister and they'll name her "SHAN I QUA"

3:22 PM

Blogger trudatnyc said...

tai shan's gonna be put on view!

5:01 PM


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