I was getting a little worried that this was going to turn into a real blog but FEAR NOT. Check out what I got. BTW does anyone know my storage limit on blogspot because I'm going to be putting it to the test. Let's start with this guy:

What's that little fella? You want some more ice cream. Sure, have as much as you want. (This is a red panda if you're a zoologist or a fucking nerd.)

And his little friend, lampin' in a tree:

I think these guys might be vicious killers but I might be thinking of velociraptors.

A young mother with her cub. You thought there weren't gunna be any little guys didn't you:

Shit, when the babies are having babies.....

Stalking his prey:

Short legs, no?

This one just ate a baby regular panda:

Naw I'm fucking with you. He's just taking a nap in a tree and there ain't nothing wrong with that:

O my fucking god:

That's right.

Now I'm gunna break out the big guns:

Blllluck blluck.

And sorry I said that thing before, I still love ya:


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