Ahhhh Africa! Let's safari.

Here we have a baby rhino in the road. You know that they're even faster when there're little. This little guy was haulin ass down route 134 (as seen here) at about 120 kpm. Sonomabitch.

Lie: Rhino's are fast. Total urban (rural?) legend. From experience I can tell you that even a really really angry rhino is no faster than me.

There's something theoretically cute about a baby rhino. There's something actually cute about a baby cougar. Get outta town.

He's all: "Whooooaaaaa, easy on the wattage there edison."

I'm all:"yeah."

Finally, here we are at what I always considered to be an animal with one too many things sticking out of the top of it's head. What'cha suckin on there pal? Rhubarb? Celerey? Is that a leek? Oh it's probably just a branch of a tree that I've never heard of.

Chomp chomp. Eat up. I'm not going to mention how tall you are or will be one day.

Coexistance: Webster's defines it as "when people, animals or things are at or in the same place, places, location, locations, area(s), region(s), vacinities or nearness of oneanother without belligerent action, malevolent recourse, hatred, bullying, animosity, agrivation or aggitation.

This is how I define it:

Truth be told, both of those definitions were mine.

Ahh motherhood:

Is that thing stuffed? What the fuck? I don't have a lot of faith that it's going to float. Check out the expression on the big one's face.

She's all: "C'mon you fat little fuck. SWIM!"

and he's all: "Grrllrrggphphgrrllll"

This one's for the Gayness.


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