Oy vey is Meerkat

Meerkats can stand up. Lets just get that out there so that there's no confusion later.

Baby Meerkats can stand up too. Granted, not quite as vertically as the adults and sometimes they kind of look like hunched over Igor-esque mad-scientist type crazies. But most certainly cute.

They can also Sit.

Whatever this guy is doing with his hands it totally skeeving me out. And I'm not totally sure I like the way that he's looking at me.

This on the other-hand I can deal with:

Look at those little ones. They stand up real good.

OH SHIT! A little pile of babies, all bald as hell and clustered around their parents feet.


Whatcha lookin' at there fella? Are you looking at your momma? Or the sky? What is it?

Oh, its god telling you how cute you are. I can't say that I agree with your religious stance but I also can't say that god is wrong here.

Put it away, put it away. Oh.

He likes cameras apparently.

And as ussual, I've saved the big guns for last. Blllluck.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Get 'em! This is it, ladies and gentlemen, The Bout in the Drought. Scratch, claw, bite, show me what you're made of.
So fucking cute.
I bet they're fighting over who gets the last cupcake. hehe.
Thanks J-Lew.


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