Sagacity City. HOOT!!!

Since time immemorial, wisdom has guided human kind through trials and tribulations. ..

Excuse me waiter, there appears to be something in my miso soup.

Oh my B. It's just a baby owl. Clearly this one has been "experimenting" in his youth and lacks the wide eyed iconography of his elders.

Remember those yellow eyed lemurs. Well they can eat a dick because this little feather ball is a gazillion times cuter.

He's all fat on the bottom and he's got some weird science equiptment around him because unlike his peers, he doesn't want to be a soothsayer when he grows up: he wants to study cold fussion.

Oh what's this? Hoooo is it? Peek-a-boo. It's a baby owl in a tree. He looks so curious. Intrigue. These little guys really marvel at the world around them. Except the stony one in the bowl.

What a lovely day for divebombing rodents, ya fat little feather ball.

Ewwwwww. This one is kind of shy and stoney as opposed to dopey eyes (see above). Why are they all so scruffy. Take a shower and for god's sake use some fucking conditioner.

Those feet look like they belong to a different animal and are completely ill-suited for supporting this lit-up Cadbury Creme Egg rolled in toasted coconut.

Bright-eyed bushy-everythinged. Again with the yellow eyes. Look at his little beak. Adorable.

Now, I don't mean to be cynical here but, that's a terrarium. It's cool, but it's a terrarium. Look how little his head is.

And finally we arrive at the rare but beautiful, baby urban owl. This is actually a Vice DO. I'm saying this based on the unnecessary flash. He is intently staring at this camera and probably wasn't too happy when his little nocturnal eyes were subjected to a 2000 watt bulb. Poor little guy.

But don't fret, he's a soldier. Reared on the hard streets of Daytona, or perhaps Framingham, MA or maybe even Sagacity City.