As it turns out, they have computers in mexico. YES! Not oly that but they have donkeys. These little guys were found at the top of the acient pyramid in Puebla where there's a crazy colonial church. But this isn't justalittleiglesia, so....PICS!

Burro uno. Se llama Pablo. He's got two of his little friends with him. By this point I was so winded from climbing the fucking thing that I nearly missed this little gem of a little guy.

Look he's traveling with his friends.

This one's got a costume on. And yes that is a functional yoke. He is a hard working no bullshit kind of burro. And he's traveling alone.

Que bonita paise!


Anonymous jessifer said...

I think I speak for other readers when I say that it's time for pics of a little guy named YOU.

10:09 PM

Blogger finatron said...

DUDE its called VACATION. And all readers of JALG who do not know awww personally. Imagine a sloppy, shaggy dog. miss you lil guy

10:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know awww personally... you others who do, can we pin down his breed? Weimeraner? Irish setter? Wolfhound? I'm not sure...

11:08 AM

Anonymous Ill macfearsome said...


1:10 PM


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