snow day

Second biggest snow storm in New York history. I don't buy it. But fuck it, it's a good excuse to sit around, drink Ethyl Mermans and blog' snow animals. What a life.

Blaaaahhhhh. It's cold but I can dive headlong into a car and it doesn't hurt.

Look at those giant glassy eyes and the tounge for god's sake, the tounge. How do these guys get around anyway? Put him back in the ocean, he's got no earthly business on land.

Cougar. Based on my extremely limited zoological knowledge, cougagrs naturally inhabbit trees in jungles and deserts. But what have we here. A cougar in the snow? I call bullshit. No, I call photoshop.

He kind of has that serious little kid look. Which is terrible. It either means that he's a nasty bully or he's been victimized by one. Believe me, I know. One of those kids that builds a half decent soap box car with no help. He's got his helmet under his arm and one foot on the car and it's all sepiatone. Half Norman Rockwell, half American Express commercial. Americana mother-fucker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! nice blog! good job! more photo!!!!

2:47 PM

Blogger bronxbt said...

That would more than likely be a young Snow Leopard, who don't grow their spots, bushy tail, or huge-ass paws until much older... So, like your New York current climate, they're used to snowy terrain.

For what it's worth (less than 2 cents) Cougars tend to NOT spend time at all in trees, unless they're scared into them, or hungry enough to search birds nests for young or eggs. Cougars frequent forests tho, dense covered terrain, or mountainous regions - hence their common nickname, "mountain Lion." (ask any paranoid hiker)

Stay cozy in the COLD dude. Seattle's winter's been ASS except for skiing up in the hills.

6:11 PM

Anonymous Takhys said...

Howdy! We've got cougars up here in Canada, so it's quite likely that it's a real photo. More info.

11:03 PM

Blogger trudatnyc said...

i can't believe ppl are dropping real knowledge here in the JALG commentary.. wow. and also, ditto what anonymous said -- MORE PHOTO!!!!

3:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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