Penguin Poop

I am sorry. Really sorry. There's no need for this. None.
WOW! Let's ignore the poop for a second and talk about the way this little pooper is up on his tiptoes mounting his brother while his mom watches him poop.

She's all : Good work honey.
And he's making that screwed up satisfied face that dogs make when they poop and make eye contact at the same time. I have chills.
Thanks Sarafina


Blogger pseudobunny said...

Seriously, one day I am gonna look at your comments and either shit myself or give birth to a human child...
Too funny! Please write my epitath. Please.

5:19 PM

Blogger pseudobunny said...

BTW, I am pregnant and cannot be bothered to spell correctly anymore.

5:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think is more like "gross-good thing I am standing over here".

7:30 PM

Blogger Louis said...

also, can we talk about how that is the most nozzle-like-- you could say squeeze-cheeseish-- anus that I have seen in all my days.

8:19 PM

Anonymous MR R said...

and we all know Louis has seen a lot of anusus or should i say an-i?

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's gross, I hate you.

2:23 AM

Blogger Rick Lee said...

"...satisfied face that dogs make..."

You mean like this.

9:38 AM

Anonymous Bill said...

I'll never use toothpaste again.

10:49 AM

Blogger Louis said...

mr. r-- your cloak of anonymity cannot obscure the vile depths of your ignorance. for a childish prurience with regard to the body-- nay, a troubled relationship to your own sexuality-- is hardly the mark of maturity. for shame.

11:28 AM

Blogger finatron said...

HA HA! Louie likes butt!

12:07 PM

Blogger awww said...

Good call rick lee. You nailed it.
P.S. nice headshot.

12:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an important scientific wuestion: if that penguin were standing on the edge of an 100 ft cliff, and it was 25˚ out woulf it's poo/pee freeze solid by the time it hit the frigid ocean below?

4:49 PM

Anonymous Jesse said...

" also, can we talk about how that is the most nozzle-like-- you could say squeeze-cheeseish-- anus that I have seen in all my days. "

Birds have just one hole-- a vent. It's for pooping/peeing (the white stuff in bird poop is their "pee" or urates, the clear stuff is pee, and the green/colored stuff is poop) and for sex.

1:24 PM

Anonymous Ill MacFearsome said...

A close friend once told me, in the strictest of confidences, that the velocity of a penguin's shit is high enough to chip a human's front tooth.

Now that I think about it, he was a snaggletoothed bastard.

2:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now hang on a tick, Jesse. I'm confused about how boy birds can use that vent for sex. I mean, a hole does not do much good when it's trying to deliver sperm to another hole.

Clearly I do need to learn more about bird anatomy, though.

7:38 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

anon 7:38--

I have always wondered about that myself. I have an African Grey parrot , which is why I know about bird hole, but I have not remembered or felt like asking the vet. I think something comes out of the hole.

3:38 PM

Blogger Jesse said...

BTW- JK=jesse

3:38 PM

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