4 eyes

From the if-I-can't-tell-if-it's-cute-then-it-is file, we have the spectacled langur. Oh what a crazy world.

This will be your CGI guide to the world of spectacled langurs. It took 200 nerds 1000 man-hours to do the whole wireframe, artificial hair thing on him and now he pops up in the corner of my microsoft word everytime I try to make a table and says "it looks like you're trying to make a table." No shit.

O fuck me. That's not CGI at all. It's the real deal. He looks...surprised. I am. Not a bad gotee too. He's thinking of going into pro baseball and, well you know, you have to have the look.

Ok so the mom here has got a coke-bottle-glasses cross-eyed thing that I think you would find in an eighties movie about nerds (but not Revenge of the Nerds or Weird Science.)

And look at that baby. Now baby looks at you. And vise-versa ad infinitum. I see a milk mustache. What makes me want to give noogies. Some deep primal instinct I think.


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