Ohhhh, that'll work. I'm pretty into these anteaters. His little incipient snout just getting ready to sniff out some termites. Go get 'em killer!
I can do the list here: eyes, ears, claws, nose. It's easy. I can mention the gloves and refer you back to the post that talked about the pap smear but I won't. I will however point out the way he's clinging to this dude's hand and also that his forehead has a nice slope to it.

So here's the main thing that's going on with these anteaters. As babies, they are lazy little fucks. The climb onto their mother's back at birth and stay there until they are half the size of their mothers. And they just fucking sit there. Period. I love the whole skinny head thing. It would be just a little too easy to confuse it with the fat leg thing. This is freaking me out.

Whooooaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaaoaaaa! More terry cloth. I fucking love terry cloth. I'm on my way to B,B&B right now to pick up some terry cloth sheets and then it's off to Fantasy World to pick up those terry cloth briefs I been finna sport. This little chum's got a serious old man-Yoda-troll thing going wich is allrigh until we get into the whole phallic nose thing.
Oh no you didn't. Oh yes I did. C'mon, it had to be said. I think that no one reading this will ever look at a phallus or an anteater the same way ever again.

Let's cleanse. These next two are a demonstrative pair. You will notice little fellas on the backs of their mums. Check out the big bushy tails. And cool coloration. And unabashed clinginess of the young.

This last one is via Fuzzworks. Biggup fuzzworks.


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