Tapir tadass

Here we go. I don't know what I've been doing this week but it certainly hasn't been blogging animals that are cute as shit. There was that whole nyt debacle and then some shit about coyotes but basicly we haven't had a good post since I got hammered and put up the skunk porn. Anyway, what we have here is a baby tapir. And although he looks porcelin, he's not and his little zebra stripes and slightly blue eyes are real as real, suckers.
Holy fucking smokes, look at the way his little toes spread out. And he's all top heavy and off balance. I hope he's not missing that hind leg and its just out of sight becuase that would be a real shame. I just want to grab him and throw him to the ground and tussle. no homo. So funny looking. It's kind of making me nauseated.


Anonymous Renostra said...

I can't stand the nails(or fingers?)They are soooo cute. Its like a modern art ehxibition!!!!!

6:17 PM


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