oooo stinker

Who knew that something that smelled so bad could be so cute. Sprinkle some daiseys on that lil' guy and, BAM, cute as a motherfucker. Slide a little stripe down his nose and his tiny little eyes get all cute. Booya. Booyakasha.

This is like out of some sweedish porn from the 70's. Heidi and whatever and shit. It's real naturalist and it makes a statement.

One fisting the skunk is second only to double fisting the skunks. Flail those limbs. Flail 'em.

Hold your skunk up high. Raise it to the sky. Sup with the brick wall? I know this skunk is like a brick house. Oh yeah and YOU are just another brick in the wall. YOU stink, the skunk smells like fucking poontang.

Alright, you don't stink, but you do suck. A bottle that is.

JALG loves the nipple and especially when a skunk is white with blck stripes instead of vise-versa. F that S in the A. right in the A.

Same brick wall? Is that a finger? Nose stripe? High top fade? Tiny ears? I'm definately freaking out. Freaking out. Freaking out.

Little webbed (two whole sylables: WEB ED) feet. Gushing, absolutely gushing.

And now just the tiny littly basic standard skunk. I'm breaking my own heart. It hurts. Uggh.

Never judge a skunk again.


Blogger bronxbt said...

yer site rawks. yer f**king killing me with your writings too.
mr puddins would be proud. gonna link your site to mine once my dumbass figures out how to do that.

keep it up.
~ bronxbt

10:54 AM

Blogger finatron said...

all those sexual refrences! you can totally tell you blogged this drunk

1:31 PM

Anonymous James Ryang said...

If you read the "skunk" text with enough verve and quickness, it sounds like a 50 Cent/Mobb Deep collaboration.

7:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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