G-G G-G-G-G-Genet

Baby: Moooooooooooooo-oooooom
Momma: Shut up
Baby: Maaaaaaaa
Momma: ugh, what?
Baby: blaaaaaaaa

Just fucking awesmoe. I especially like his nose which was face-transplated from a meaner oranger cat. Or cat like thing. Fuck it! It's no-science-Thursday. This creature is the result of a cuteness obsessed super-race of aliens that have taken the cutest part of every animal on earth and made some kind of franken-kitten. Nice move alien cuddleholics.


Anonymous jen said...

Genet? As in Jean Genet? Wow, I didn't know he looked like that...what a fox

2:16 PM

Anonymous Twin C said...


Gothamist is totally scamming off of you!


11:08 AM


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