I am in a total state of shock. I'm quitting JALG and spinning off (a la Frasier)
to an all baby kinkajou blog. www.justa littlekinkajoubitches.blogspot.com. Look for it soon.


Dumb or high, dumb or high? I don't know. Cute, obviously. Nice bowl there buddy. You gunna make ramen?

Ears like Alfred E. Newman or, more aptly, Bush. So in conclusion: dumb.

Man I love my job. Look at his little head. Kinda like a bowling ball with three holes except that reminds me of a sexual joke from Kingpin and now I'm weirded out.

Agian with the ears. He kind looks like a chiuaua, right? Speaking of which, I couldn't post this because of my no non-panda dogs policy but It's pretty rad: link thanks trudy.

Weeeeeeeee! I got a bottle. Weeeeeeeee!

nuf said.

Koala? Pug? Ewok? Strangulation victim? Yes.

I used to think that the best cure for a hang over was bitching about it, but it turns out that 5-6 pounds of kinkajou works pretty good. Information provided by this wikipedia page witch is pretty bizzare and nonsensical and overally worth checking out.

We here at JALG are big fans for the baby bottle when applied to our animal friends. They diggit. Look at the sheen on this guy.

Glossy. He's all covered with milk. Cute.

Whoa. Porcelain perfection. Look at the eyes on this one. He's anime.

Humping a stuffed panda? I have no idea.

Hey ladies. The kinkajou's got his tounge in her ear wisperin' : "wait 'til you see my dick."
And her mom is RIGHT THERE. Hot.

Big prize to the fist person to tell me the coolest part of this picture. (hint: it's not the pattern on mom's dress.)

Challenge: Talk about the following picture as long as possible without mensioning the cutest animal to ever use a Sony v a i o. Here goes:
That towel is white. I can't fully parse the angle on the vaio. Is that a monitor? There's a bong in the background! Oh wait, no. There's not. O fuck it, I can't do it. He's so cute and there's nothing else in the goddamn picture.

He's like a cupcake frosted with the finest butter cream frosting produce from the royal cows of Finland. His tiny prodrudant earls aren't fully developed and they're just little nubs. He's got little claws and his hair is all pink and soft. I'm dying.


Anonymous antid_oto said...

I have a guess: is it that the girl is holding a baby sloth with a giant erection, or possibly its foot?

3:00 PM

Blogger finn said...

that's not an erection! click through to the full photograph and you will see it is some sort of delicious frosty treat.

9:14 PM

Blogger finn said...

or maybe some sort of a flower? I dunno.

9:14 PM

Blogger karthik said...


12:08 PM

Anonymous twobird said...

uh oh

1:22 PM

Blogger trudatnyc said...

still the funniest entry yet.. i come here when i need a dose of good cheer. thanks for being my internet antidepressant.

11:56 AM

Blogger sarah said...

it's a little late, but after staring at that picture for hours (well, minutes) i have concluded that the coolest part is that the little buddy on the right is nibbling on his own back foot claws. yes!

2:02 AM

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