Echidna synchronisity

What's weird is that in my week away from the blogging, I got a lot of suggestions for animals and TWO of them were echidnas. Bizzare. I've never heard of these fuckin things before but it turns out that they make great sporting equipment.

Face down ass up.........

no, not a popple, an echidna. Also know as a spiney anteater. This thing is bigger than it should be. It should be no bigger than baby hedgehog but it's actually the size of a volleyball. Unless the hands are abnormally sized. I don't know.

I don't know where to start here.

Kilroy? anybody? anybody?

This one's gor highlights. Natural streaking? suuuuuuuure.

I met this guy in the bathroom at royal oak.


Anonymous redfox said...

That is totally a full-grown echidna! Baby ones are called puggles and they are surprisingly unspiny. Check out the last picture here.

8:23 PM


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