Marmo, set, get your tiny monkey on.

What time is it? Cuz I just gave this little fella a delicious roasted fennel and warm bean salad with baked feta and now I'm looking at the manual and it says if it's after midnight I got a shit ton of trouble on my hands.

oh wait, my B. That's not a moguai, it's a marmoset. The resemblance is almost shocking though. Point of note, that's not a bed he's standing on but instead it's a hand.

Grenade! Oh, no that's not a grenade, it's a marmoset, next to something that looks like a grenade. He's so curious, the little bugger. He's just out on the deck enjoying an ear of tiny corn, lampin'.

helloo little guy.

One more of this fella cuz I can't get enough, can you? Is that a little booty dance he's doing? no. Why is he so fucking fuzzy.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want him shaved or anything weird like that. I'm just curious. I also like the striped (pronounced with two full sylables: Stripe Ed) tail.

And what would a baby marmoset post be without a french manicure. That's some really fine work. If the hand model in this picture reads this, get back to me and tell me what nail salon you go to because the girls on the corner have been fuckin with my cuticles and I just have so much tolerance for these kinds of things.

I mean, I pay good money and how hard is it really to make my nails look half decent. Seriously.
Look at his curly little tail. hehehe


Anonymous Twin C said...

This site keeps me sane at work. You rock.

4:09 PM

Anonymous susan said...

i love your blog!

3:57 PM

Blogger trudatnyc said...

watch out for that french manicure, littleguy!!

1:12 PM


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