back yard babies


napping in the new england foliage. the dopeness.

The eyes are like little buds. They have tiny little ears and the one on the left is kind of smiling. In his sleep. What do baby squirrels dream about. Nuts? Probably nuts.

Chip? Dale? Chippendales. Yes, that's right, he's got to pay tuition so he moonlights as a stripper. $20, lapdance. Count me in.

this is quite possible the most content creature that god has ever put on the earth. I love you baby chipmonk. I love you.

P.S. My puter's on the fritz so I'm laggin on the JALG posts until I can reup.

Thanks Trudy for the pics and thanks David for the puter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

baby animal wrinkles are what makes this little 'munk so cute.

4:31 PM


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