The sugar glider , carnivor, canibal, hunter of man. Often refered to as flesh devourer or Son of Sam of Downunda, the sugar glider ferociously invades its prey through the occular cavity consuming first the brain of its victim.

This is the SG's pouncing stance. So perfectly balanced and able to jettison itself at such high speed, the existance of such a position makes one question anything but intellegent design.

His ears scan the audio landscape for food altough his eyes can see through the darkest midnight. Note: the photographer was found only in pieces next to her camera. Dental records are inconclusive.

From birth, the SG know only death and food. This infant is devouring this unsuspecting pet store owner. They are so small when young that they can slither through even the tiniest hole in a cage. They usually need to be kept in a bucket with a tight fitting lid.

The viewer will note the lack of blood. This is because it has all been readily lapped up by this SG's sibilings. Only skin and well groomed fingernails remain.

The same one, only moments later. This is truly a scene of terror.


When food runs low they will turnn on their own kind. This mother has had her spine snapped by her own child and will be consumed alive but inert.

The severed hand on which this drama is played out is that of the photographer of the first image.

O horrible beast of the night. Murderer, tyrant, bearer of death. Spare the human race. Your parade of destruction has marched on too far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »

2:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is stuid and retarded, and makes no sense. Sugar Glider is one of the most docile creatures there is and they feast on fruits, vegtables, and grain. PICK SOMETHING A LITTLE MORE BELIEVABLE IF YOU WANT TO BE AN IDIOT. AT LEAST BE A BELIEVABLE ONE!!!! Dumbass

11:41 AM

Anonymous Sugar Glider Site said...

Cool pictures. The little one is so cute!

5:38 AM

Blogger S.E said...

Omgosh you are too freaking funny! I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF! The second anonymous poster doesn't get it. I DO! Thanks :)

8:35 PM


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