sweet panda juice

Ahhh, the morning after. My head hurts like ass. After enduring a number of theft allegations vis-a-vis fasion sling and the levee, I need a little hangover helper. Pandas!

I would like to start by saying that I CAN front. In fact I pose harder than all y'all real cats. But for the sake of Hua Mei, I'm gunna get legit on you. This is Hua Mei, the panda with sad, far away eyes. I like this because of quotes like:

"A great big furry bowl of baby panda."
"It means 'China USA' .... It also translates as 'Magnificent Beautiful'."

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Panda tounge, panda eyes, panda nose, panda ears. Fuck it,I don't care anymore. Who wants my iPod because I'm moving to Tibet to live with the monks and blog pandas all day everyday.

When I was a kid and I went to the pediatician's office, Dr. Strauss, there was this picture on the wall of one of the examining rooms of a huge line of babies of all different races and colors.. In particular I remember this one with a big ol' weird lookin' head that always kinda freaked me out.

This pandaramic is 'bout it, 'bout it. Gold wrapped in platinum. Precious fucking metal. Why do those three get to stand on top? Are the extra-super cute? Why do baby pandas always look like they are going to tip over? EQ, reccognize.
Why do baby pnadas help my hangover? They just do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they look like they're going to tip over cuz they ARE-- you would too, after eating eucalyptus leaves all day!!

11:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word, man. Fuckin, pandas. Yeah.

11:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is that Abu Ghraib zoo?

8:45 AM

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