There was a misunderstanding:

If the creature, possibly a carnivore not previously known to world science, photographed loping through the darkness, advancing then retreating, its eyes glowing like carriage lamps, had been Colleen McLoughlin putting out the rubbish one night, she would probably have measured the impact of the sighting over the following days at the newsagent's.

When I told W that we should go to war with the Brittish, I meant against them not by their side. Hrumph. Buried under the layers of goof-ball syntax is a Gaurdian article about a new carnivorous mammal. You know how much I like carnivorous mammals. Thanks David Moore for the artical.

Oh yeah! And I got this from my buddy Mikey Balls. (Take the time to find his picture on that page.)

You can ask me what it is but i won't be able to answer you. Some kind of wombat? Fuck if I know. That lady sure is excited about it. I bet she's sweedish and I bet the animal is Austrailian. Hypothesis Friday. I also bet that she squeezed it the way that she's holding it right now, it would squeek like a dog toy. But way deeper. Like a fog horn almost. Maybe a little hoarser. Yeah, just like that.


Anonymous redfox said...

Definitely a wombat.

10:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that thing is on some princess bride shit

9:13 AM

Blogger Mason said...

Rodents of Unusual Size?

They don't exist.

6:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a groundhog to me.

8:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

12:32 PM


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