Coatimundi Tuesday

I'm beginning to be convinced that any ass-hole with a digital camera and a cute animal can play zoologist and name them whatever the fuck they want. But who am I to judge?

Itch, scratch, itch, itch, scratch. Fleas

look at that little face. The coatimundi young are brilliantly camoflaged (ID) to blend in against the backdrop of their progenators.

These three little chums are named What, The and Fuck. They look at everything and everybody in exactly this way.

That's just dumb.

Sad to say that today's American coatimundi watches an average of 6 hours of TV everyday. This is invariabley linked to the massive obesity problem that they face.

I'm pretty sure these are the dumbest looking animals that JALG has seen to date. Not spacey stoney dumb like this kinkajou , but dumb like exhibiting a fundamental inability to comprehend the world around them.

I'm not trying to start shit here but sometimes honesty hurts. There is the possiblity that a face like this one could potentially supplant that of a certain dog that occupies a special place in this blogger's life. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying.

Can you really argue?! C'mon.


Anonymous utterly disappointed said...

i am shocked and appalled! from the moment the original "li'l guy" laid his sleepy l'il eyes on you he has given you nothing but unconditional love, licks and snuggles. he looks up to you and considers you one of his own, literally (after all, you are the human dog).he has put up with your tawdry games, tomfoolery and assinine antics and what does he get in return? NADA!
the moment you see some other little cute tail, off you go, leaving him in the dust...shame on you ari, shame on you..

7:12 PM

Blogger Louis said...

I concur. You're lucky he's not into reading blogs. Unless by reading blogs you mean peeing on stuff/ pooping. Then you'd be in trouble.

11:15 AM

Blogger awww said...

The publisher of this blog has, under sever political pressure, been advised to issue the following statement:

Recent comments concerning the supplanting of a canine associate of mine were issued while in a state of duress and do not represent the opinion of this blogger. To adress the question of exchange vis-a-vis said canine, this blogger returns said canine's licking etc. with frequent walking, petting, belly rubbing, slips of human food and general snuggly attitude.
Nonetheless, comments were commented and insults were flown and this blogger would like to extend an official appology to said canine, who cannot type, and those defenders of his honor in the both lattitudinal hemispheres of the globe. Further retribution will follow.

12:01 PM

Anonymous Exotic Pet Classifieds said...

Coatimundis are adorable. Great pictures!

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1:00 PM


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