Recognize! Chinchilla. Look at this little one. He's kinda got a cartoonish goofiness about him that is pretty well magnified by the head-body size ratio. Not too bright are ya fella?

So adorable.

So explain this one intellegent design. What's up with that hooked nose. It's like its own appendage. Little known fact: chinchilla's closest relatives are elephants, true story.
I wonder what's in the bowl.

If I was an agoraphobic chinchilla this would pretty much be my worst nightmare. He's so exposed in that wid open plane of wood.

I think its funny that all these guys have different shaped ears and noses and stuff. Chinchillas are a varied bunch.

And the winner is: this guy!!!!!! Yay.
You are truly a fucking champ sir.

This little dude is so sad. So mopey and puppy-dog-eyed. I'll save you buddy.

I'll save you.


Blogger spff said...

ever thought of dying a chinchilla yellow and dabbing a little red paint on it's cheeks and following it around going "picaaaa?"

well i have.

2:32 PM

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