Something about swarms of young, crowding in to feed , that is just vulgar and porcine. Here its all about the powerful face of the mother. Imposing. Those babies could give a fuck though. They look up adoringly. Tiny ears back.
And here's a bunch more of these things. Feeding.

Let me tell you the story of Ted, the prodigal son. He's peeved on account of that there just aren't enough nipples to go around and he's hungry too. Fuck those dudes and fuck you mom! I'm going out for TacoBell. PEACE!

More via Pyramid Scheme of Cuteness.


Anonymous cobalt said...

Years ago I was in a park in Rio de Janeiro with some friends. We were in a sort of daze at that point in the afternoon, I don't recall why. I notice, after a time, that there were these little swarms of mammals all around us. No one had ever told me about this aspect of Rio. Well, anyway, I slowly went wandering off toward these awkward, long-legged rodents that looked to me, at the time, like nutria, except sleeker and with lower front ends.

Lowered front ends? Is this a customized car we're talking about?

Anyway, they would amble off and not let me get very close. But then, as soon as I turned around and walked away, they would come running after me like they were about to attack.

So we tried this test again: try to get close to them to take a photograph, they'd act all coy, and then as soon as we'd turn around, they'd come swarming after us.

It took us literally days to figure out what these animals were. I mean, we're in the middle of Brasil with people who speak Brasilian Portugese and yet we ask people and they give us this weird look like we're crazy.

At least we remained pretty certain they were capybara, but I've also learned about smaller South American rodents since then, which it might have been, but either way, the point is, don't mess with capybara! They are bad ass.

12:52 AM

Anonymous Renostra said...

Hello darling:
I'm Brazilian and because you are the the"Chanel of baby animal web sites" I must tell you that the real name of this adorable thing is CAPIVARA, which is a TUPI (brasilian native indians language)word. CAPYBARA is something the Portuguese invented.

6:10 PM


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