Kinkajou Reup

Well, for thosse of you who watched Jeopardy this evening (I see you back there), you may have recognize JALG's old and dear friend the kinkajou. So fuck, here's some more:

Allright. Game off. There's a kinkajou climbing across the tennis net agian. We got in sooooo much trouble with the ASPCA last time when I was serving. That would have been an ace by the way.
He's clearly traversing this net to get at a delicious morsel at the other end. What could it be? Cupcake? Hamburger? Leg of lamb? Definately leg of lamb.

Coming to git ya. He's so intent. He'll climb the highest couch. Cross the deepest sink. Wriggle his way through the fuzziest blanket. Slander the most non-child-molesting priest. Tear ass at the most crowded hipster coffee shop. Whatever it takes, he'll git ya.

Let's see what we have here. Opposible thumb. Tiny ears. Big eyes. Side to side, teeter-totter gait. Oh that's the stuff.


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