A close relative of the capybara (and linguisticly confusable to boot) is the pacarana.

Bluck blcuk.Sleeeeeeeep. It's raining right now and all I want to do is be this guy for the rest of the day.

Wait, fuck that. I want to be this guy:
He's so little and fuzzy. Tiny eyes etc. etc. Look at his mom's ears, they look really weirdly like human ears. Hi.

Check this shit out from National Geographic, May 1966 (thanks my very good friend Karthik Pandian):
This is a pacarana catching thing in Columbia. If you can't read the text, I'll paraphrase. Mrs. Latham (right) catches the pacarana for her 14-year-old son Billy! Billy names it Rodie! On the ride home Rodie leaps out of Billy's lap, onto the driver, sending the jeep into a ditch. Also present are coatimundis.
That's actually what it says. You can't make shit like that up. Billy!!!!

And then there's this guy who is sitting up and eating like we owe him something. Pretty funny little fella.
R.O.U.S.? Yes.


Anonymous Hyena said...

just one thing: I love you! I think I have copied all the pix in your blog. Most of those animals I already knew. I saw Koati in Zoo in France, and Capybara in Peru. Nature is so amazing...Thank you for sharing all that, you bring back a huge smile on my face!

6:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So freakin' cute!

Would you mind changing "Columbia" to "Colombia", though?

A Colombian girl

7:41 PM

Blogger Juliane said...

R.O.U.S?! You made my day!

12:45 AM


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