Titilatiing Ocelot

What is it about the ocelot that's so......titilating.

Like this little duder. Huh? What? me? Oh yeah.
I love those blue eyes. Enchanting. This is the ocelot in its natural habitat, which, by the way, involves a leaf.

Sorry, did I say I liked blue eyes because that was a crock of shit. I like orange eyes. Yeah, you're really the cutest. You!
Sad and cute. That's how we do. Lashes by L'Oreal. Whiskers by Vidal Sassoon.

Jesus cock-sucking Christ. That's so fucking weird. I was just talking about how cute baby ocelots are and look what we have here. One cute ocelot. Best part: forehead patern. Especially, the relationship between the baby's and the mom's. It's like when you see a little fat kid with his fat parents. You can see the future. The little dude looks like he's kind of wavering back and forth and as he's oscillating he's making my tits oscillate a little too.

Get your grimy ass hands off of my ocelot. Rubbing up and down on him like he's some kind of feline freak. He's not, you know? Those little paws are so in focus. He's kinda bug eyed but that's forgiven by the spots on his legs and his cute ass fucking paws which look like little mittens. And (this isn't dirty) look between his front legs at the way his little back legs are scrunched up and his little ass is just above the ground.

Ay, Ay, Ay! Raise the roof little man. I feel you, but you're underappreciated. I know you're sick, I know you're tired, I know you're sick of being sick and tired.
If this little ocelot goes missing in the near future, it wasn't me. I wouldn't even know how to kidnap a baby animal. Even one that's this titilating.


Anonymous phrawzty said...

Hello, just a quick note to say that i just found this blog, and that i'm super down with it. Your commentary is dope too - good lookin' mate! :)

2:09 PM

Blogger Sarah O said...

I'm serious, it's the stripey bitches that really know how to party. The spots get the airtime, but it's those frickin stripey-assed bastards that tear the roof off, every time.

1:10 AM

Anonymous Chris Wells said...

What type of cat is this. What is the name and where can I find it.

7:52 PM


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