This is exactly what last night was like for me. Rolling around like a complete fucking moron laughing my head off and caring not-at-all who's watching or photographing.

What's up with these guys. They have the propotions of a dachtsund with no neck. I am having so much touble imagining what they might be doing if it isn't actually laughing hystericly. Seriously, I can't think of one animal type thing that they could be doing. Maybe they're rolling in the snow to get parasites off of their fur. No, fucking way. They're laughing, end of story. This is another strong argument for intelegent design. Why on earth would an otter evolve to laugh? And how would anything (hyenas, people) evolve to laugh in the first place?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

otters are the only animal to have 'Playtime' figured into their daily activities...even as adults...

Wake up, eat, drink, nap, play, nap, fuck, nap, eat, drink, sleep.

1:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

these little fuckers are dead, just taken out of the traps...

3:29 AM

Blogger ChrisNCats said...

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5:55 PM


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