prairie doggs

Charlie's angels? They're all different shapes and sizes. The one on the left is the nerdy tech one. The one in the middle is the matial arts expert and the one on the right is the seductress. Charlie will be played by Bernie Mac.

This is actually a tactical readyness stance. "C'mon" say the prairie doggs. "Give us your best shot."

I read this on the subway:
See a crip, kill a crip, watch my favorite color drip.

So throw up your gang signs motherfucker.

Blood for life.


Anonymous annaham said...

I love how the left one in the second photo looks like it's getting ready to tear the right one's eye from its socket.

9:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

2:36 PM

Anonymous d3 gold said...

oh, it looks they feel not so well. God bless them

9:45 PM


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