okapi grrrrrrrrl

It really fucking irks me when I start looking for some cute pictures of animals on the internet and all of a sudden I've developed zoological interest and I'm like: "Wow, opakis can lick their eyes and ears with their incredibly sticky tongues. That's fucking bonkers."
Shut up dude. Just post the baby animals and get on with your life.

I found this article pretty interesting and all around nuts. Please note the use of the term "Sawed-off semigiraffe"

Anyway. Step aside Bambi and also Bambi 2 (that bitch). Cuz here comes the real prince of the forest.
15 minutes. That's all it takes from the time their born to the time they can stand and run. That's rght vag to feet in 15 flat. Word up. This one kind of has a seductive daring look to him like "c'mon bitch, try me" He's talking to bambi by the way.

So it's actually more like vag to feet then to ass in 25 flat. Hey man you gots to tend to your underside.
Feel me?

The real point is as follows. Those stripey legs and kinda bow legged stance reminds me a lot of a riot grrrl and deep down I have a little thing for riot grrrlz. Well, not so deep down and not so llittle either.
His little hooves kinda look like big ol shit kickers and he's built like a little brick shit house. I'm puzzling myself here by comparing this little guy to an object of my desire.

Thanks Louis for the hypolink.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that the okapi in the linked article is named "Ebola." She'll liquify your internal organs with sheer cuteness.

4:02 PM

Anonymous Cobalt said...

Not already being a fan of okapis is like saying you're not already a fan of oryx or tapirs! Or giraffes, but giraffes are so, uh, like, everybody knows about giraffes already big deal.

1:19 AM

Anonymous L.N. Hammer said...

I like the phrase "sawed-off semigiraffe" -- or should that be semifgrrrrffe?


1:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Look at those adorable hooves.

4:09 PM

Blogger floaty said...


4:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Awwww:

This is your very own, completely ineffective stalker. I used to be a riot grrrl, probably around the time that you developed your thing for riot grrrls. I used to write SLUT across my stomach in Sharpie and then go to Perkins with my riot grrrl band and drink coffee all night and pick fights with the teenaged guys who were also in bands and hanging out all night at Perkins drinking coffee. Our drummer was an okapi.

8:33 PM

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