That's it. I know you're nipples are chaffed and irritated from nursing the army of death so it's ok to use the bottle as long as you got it with the breast pump.
Good. We need well nutured minions because the fucking douche bags are up to it again. And this time they're biting MY shit.

I wish I could telll you where this image came from, but I can't because I emailed it to myself when I was drunk last night and that's all I know. It's a chrismas mirracle.


Blogger Mary said...

Thats a great flick, I've set it as my desktop background. Thanks.

10:50 AM

Anonymous ereshkigal said...

Dude, I totally pimped you over at metafilter, but did I get any love?

11:15 AM

Blogger awww said...

that was you? You're the balls.

11:59 AM

Blogger W2B said...

As a concerned reader, I feel the need to bring this up before you officially declare war on all your imitators.

Sure, a single adorable kitten is no match for a single wombat. But is a single wombat any match for a hundred kittens? Of course not. They'd pick it apart like rabid piranhas. And there are more kittens on this planet than there are wombats. Kittens have humans, deforestation and global warming on their side, all wombats got is claws. Wombats, giraffes and all their colleagues in arms have brute strength but the other side's deceptively domestic cuties have the numbers.

What you need to do is start cloning these buggers.

9:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

let them steal from you. it doesn't matter. you have a rapport with your animal friends. an affinity, if you will. you think those asspods have that same comfort level? they so wish. the war has already been won, soldier. their hamster division is no match for your guerrilla force. or your gorilla force, for that fucking matter.


9:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like they're actively trying to create a watered down (less obscenity laden)version of your brilliant prose style. Fuck them.


5:59 PM

Blogger finatron said...

dear awwwwri, I've got your back homes , lets attack CO like they did at the end of Hackers. "Hack the Planet!"

1:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:53 PM

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