Honey Possum

Honeysucking nightdweller? Sounds like some kind of hooker. But not just an ordinary hooker, a honeysucking hooker, at night. Got that? Damn straight. The only nectarivorous mamal. Sucking honey up like woah.

Caught you off gaurd there didn't I fella? This is quite possibly the least threatening conceivable creature on the market today. He eats only nectar and he's "half the size of mouse." He weighs 5-10 grams. That's a slow night in the LES where I come from. Easy on the wicker there, you're gunna get fat; you're built for eating nectar.

HA! Caught ya. That's corn that you're eating and you're supposed to only eat nectar. What is nectar anyway? Fuck it. Eat corn and be merry.
This thing opperates on scales that I can't even comprehend.

Look at this little ass hole. He's cross eyed and all dumb as shit. He can't even really hold onto this thumb. Pointy-nose big-ears. Red nose much?
I'm gunna make the big leap here and assert that this little guy looks kind of unhappy with his situation. Maybe he's one of those creatures that evolved so that he's always in pain. Base level is agony and you can add or subtract from there. Oh that's horrible. Sorry.

By the way, if you didn't look at your hand to see how big he is and compare it to dickweed's hand up there, then there's something wrong with you.


Blogger panda2 said...

holy crap. cute things make me feel dronk. in a good way.

1:03 PM

Blogger Antid Oto said...

Some bats eat nectar too. They are definitely mammals.

8:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benjamins! What up, it's Emma. That lil fucker is cute as shit, but when it escapes, it gonna end up in the ventalation system for sure. Bye bye cute possum! You sure kick your big ugly cousin's ass (the one who lives on my street.) Are you as endearingly slow on your feet?

4:07 PM

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