Lil' dear mouse Jon

meeep. meeeeeeep. Squeeek. I'm speachless.

Turns out the deer mouse is way cuter than the tit mouse. Who'd a thought.

so, fucking, small. I can't make out the details because I don't have a macro lense on my fucking face.
So anthromorphic, the hands. hold me.

Sleep. Deep. Squeek. Peeps.
Hold onto that bark, dog. Dark bog. Smart frog. Hot dog.

Bluck blcuk. Fuck chuck. Huck muck. And rake it. You can't fake it. goodness sake it. Just take it.
More pic. Whore dicks. Sore dicks. Whore hicks. Neither poor sticks nor hard core flicks.


Blogger trudatnyc said...

this site is pure poetry, ari...

1:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this one?

1:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Killa, I be popping the oozies, copping them Coogis, eyes on the drop real droopy
Mair is snoopy, look at your hooptie, rocking the rubies
Hop in the hoochie, popping her coochie

oopy poopy booby ploops

3:47 PM

Blogger bronxbt said...

i have NO idea what you just fucking said...

All I DO know is that I spit cola all over the side of my desk.

thanks a lot dude.. you make me smile. I'm not gonna hug you or anything tho.. so don't ask.

~ B

4:30 PM

Anonymous robyn said...

does a JALG fieldtrip sound intriguing to anyone...?

it could involve drinking.

11:41 AM

Anonymous rls said...

i'm wondering if you saw this- http://i.euniverse.com/funpages/cms_content/8718/disney_shirts.jpg

1:06 PM

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